Polyspire is a publishing imprint created in 2003 by Clark Hanjian. The name is inspired by this Irving Amen woodcut. The Polyspire list includes:


Satyagraha and the Inner Life

By Clark Hanjian
Book, 52 pages
A series of reflections and quotes considering how our inner lives are tied to the work of nonviolent conflict resolution and social change.
• Formatted for online reading and standard printing as a corner-stapled handout (3.2 mb PDF)
• Formatted for double-sided printing as a saddle-stitched book (3.2 mb PDF)


The Sovrien: An Exploration of the Right to Be Stateless

By Clark Hanjian
Book, 283 pages
See abstract, table of contents, and download options

A separate two-page personal essay is provided in
My Experiment with Being Stateless (100 kb PDF)


DMZ Essays

Brief articles on militarism and pacifism by Clark Hanjian

Reconsidering Militarism  (A look at the definition, benefits, and costs of militarism, including 10 critical questions.)

A Pacifist Primer  (An overview of the analysis, intentions, methods, and training that are central to being a pacifist.)

A Necessary Evil  (Militarism is commonly regarded as a necessary evil. If this classification seems correct, why does it make us so uneasy?)

The Notion of Civilian  (In this heavily militarized society, we are all military. There are no civilians.)

The Last Resort  (Three reasons why we should abandon the myth that militarism is our system of last resort.)

Between Tragedies  (Some things we might consider in the space between gun tragedies.)

Memorial Day Choices  (We can separate the act of remembering our loved ones from the act of promoting militarism.)

Sticks or Stones  (All weapons are the same: they all backfire and they are all weapons of mass destruction.)

The Failure of Military Force  (Written one month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, this essay responds to the widespread call for war.)

The Steamroller  (Published prior to the US invasion of Iraq, this essay considers the steamroller mindset that presses forward to war.)


Daily Life

By Clark Hanjian
Poster, 11 x17 inches
This poster illustrates how we cultivate burden and discontent, and how we cultivate ease and freedom.
Color (78 kb PDF)
Black & White (78 kb PDF)


Jabberwocky: A Brief History of the Martha’s Vineyard Cerebral Palsy Camp

By Clark Hanjian
Book, 75 pages (5.5 mb PDF)


From Sorrow to Accompaniment

Photographs by Elain Christensen
Text by Clark Hanjian
Book, 28 pages (1 mb PDF)
Photographer Elain Christensen offers a collection of images taken in the late 1980's at Jabberwocky, the Martha's Vineyard Cerebral Palsy Camp. The essay, from 1990, explores issues involved in accompanying people with moderate to severe disabilities.


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