Welcome to DMZ

DMZ works to ease global suffering by dismantling militarism.

Militarism boldly promises to resolve conflicts, keep us safe from adversaries, supply us with employment and wealth, and protect our way of life. Although we devote a substantial portion of our resources, attention, spirit, and labor to militarism, this system typically fails to deliver.

Militarism also brings great suffering to the world, including physical and emotional suffering, environmental destruction, heightened conflict, lost resources, and the wrenching of our spiritual lives.

All of us are impacted by militarism, many are devastated, and relatively few enjoy the promised benefits. If we want to build a safe and peaceful world, where everyone has the essentials, we need to demilitarize. DMZ works to dismantle militarism by:

Advocating for demilitarization in print and online media.
Providing resources to support demilitarization.
Promoting satyagraha as an alternative to militarism.