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Working to ease suffering in our world by cultivating the inner life and the practices of nonviolence.

Clark Hanjian is a Buddhist chaplain. He offers support during transitions, crises, and other difficult times. Clark specializes in working with conflict, and is available to consult with individuals, organizations, and communities. He practices from an interfaith perspective with people of any tradition or belief.

Satyagraha is a method of nonviolent social change. It is a way of directly engaging with others to work out the difficult aspects of life without resorting to coercion, harm, or ill intention.

Militarism fails to serve us well. Despite our massive investment of resources in this system, conflicts persist and safety is elusive. Additionally, militarism leaves a wake of destruction across our environment, our communities, and the human spirit. It's time to dismantle this system and develop a better alternative.

Polyspire publishes Satyagraha and the Inner Life, A Pacifist Primer, The Sovrien, and other works by Clark Hanjian.