Militarism Everywhere

It's easy to underestimate the scope of the militarism in our lives. Even if we have some sense of the enormous network of military forces around the world, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

While military forces are the face and hands of militarism, many other institutions constitute the mind, heart, and soul. Militarism could not exist without support from politics, commerce, religion, academics, science, media, and entertainment.

The resources below offer a glimpse of militarism today.


International Military Forces

List of Military Forces by Country (Wikipedia)
List of Military Installations by Country (Wikipedia)
List of Ongoing Armed Conflicts (Wikipedia)
Small Arms Survey (SAS)
Historical Database of Armed Conflicts (UCDP)

United States Military Forces

Department of Defense (DoD) Main Website
List of All DoD Websites
DoD Photos
Defense Media Activity
List of US Military Bases (Wikipedia)
Senate Armed Services Committee
House Armed Services Committee

Africa Command
European Command
Northern Command
Pacific Command
Southern Command
Special Operations Command
Strategic Command
Transportation Command

Air Force
National Guard
Coast Guard
Joint Chiefs of Staff

Today's Military
Army Recruiting
Navy Recruiting
Air Force Recruiting
Marines Recruiting
National Guard Recruiting

National Defense University
Military Academy
Naval Academy
Air Force Academy
Coast Guard Academy
US Army War College

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Non-Lethal Weapons Program
Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office
Defense Technical Information Center
Missile Defense Agency
National Security Agency
DoD Operational Energy

Stars and Stripes
Military One Source
Warrior Care
Armed Forces Entertainment

Militarism News & Analysis

Jane's Defense and Security News (IHS)
Defense News (Gannett)
Military Times (Gannett)
Defense Media Network (Faircount)

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation (CACN)
Global Militarization Index (BICC)
Global Research (CRG)

Think Tanks

The Heritage Foundation
Center for Security Policy
American Enterprise Institute
The Foreign Policy Initiative
Institute for the Study of War

Popular Militarism

Military Friendly Cities, Businesses, Schools
The American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Association of the US Army - Forums
Soldier of Fortune Magazine

The Business of Militarism

Global Military Expenditures (SIPRI)
Top 100 Military Contractors (DefenseNews)
List of US Defense Contractors (Wikipedia)
US Defense Lobbyists, Clients, Spending (OpenSecrets)

Private Military & Security Companies (GPF)
Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition (WPRC)
Association of Defense Communities (ADC)
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
National Defense Magazine (NDIA)

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control
Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Northrop Grumman
General Dynamics
Fire Support
Indiana: A State of Defense (Sagamore Institute)

US DoD Military Budget
US DoD Defense Innovation Marketplace
US DoD Office of Small Business Programs
US DoD Defense Business Board
US DoD Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy

Militarism in Higher Education

Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University - Applied Research Laboratory
Association of Military Colleges and Schools
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
ROTC Tactics & Techniques
Baylor University
Kansas State University
Mary Baldwin College
Purdue University
Texas A&M University
The Citadel
University of Utah
Virginia Military Institute
New Mexico Military Institute

Militarism and Youth

US Selective Service System
US Army - Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)
Chicago Public Schools - JROTC

STARBASE - US DOD Youth Program
Kids Army
Mission: Readiness

Military Adventure Camp
Marine Military Academy
Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Young Marines

Militarism in Religion

Cru Military / Military Ministry
Military Missions Network
Armed Services Ministry
Cadence International
Officers' Christian Fellowship - Ethics & War
Officers' Christian Fellowship - Faith & Military
Christian Military Fellowship
Force Ministries

Operation We Are Here
The Warrior's Bible
American Legion - Americanism

Militarism in Entertainment

Armed Forces Entertainment (US DoD)
USO Entertainment
US Air Force Band

Military Times Entertainment Section
American Heroes Channel (fka The Military Channel)
War Films (AMC Filmsite)
GI Film Festival
World Wrestling Entertainment - Tribute to the Troops

Institute for Creative Technologies
Military Entertainment Consulting
Call of Duty

The Military-Entertainment Complex (Stockwell and Muir)